The ICARE project aims at developing the following main outcomes/results through the activities to be implemented in the next two years:

  • Synthesis of Data: Assessment of Transparency of the Qualifications Concerned and Identification of the Most Suitable Methodological Approach. Operational Guidelines for the Analysis Phase, this document will provide details on the methodological approach, common learning units/outcomes (competences for the selected profiles, critical aspects)

  • Repository of qualifications and their structure according to ECVET technical specifications, for each professional profile, the following information will be provided: title of the unit, title of the qualification(s) to which the unit relates, where applicable, reference of the qualification according to the EQF level and, where appropriate, the national qualifications framework level, with the ECVET credit points associated with the qualification, learning outcomes contained in the unit, procedures and criteria for assessment of these learning outcomes, ECVET points associated with the unit, validity in time of the unit

  • Assignment of ECVET Points to Relevant Qualifications. Operational Guidelines assigning and applying the ECVET point system to qualifications and learning units as well as methods and procedures for assigning points

  • Learning Outcomes Evaluation. Document describing a common methodology for the evaluation of the learning outcomes (methods, tools, evaluation framework, procedures, ...)

  • Learning Outcome Transfer Process/Model. Document describing the transfer process functioning

  • Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) Framework document for cooperation and networking among partners

  • Establishment of a technical working group between VET providers and institutions/authorities

  • Procedures, documentation and tools. A set of tools, procedures and materials needed for the implementation of the developed model

  • Recommendation for policy and decision makers Document including guidelines for policy development at the regional and nation