The ICARE project has a set of objectives which mainly focuses on the adaptation of an already existing system of vocational qualifications in the field of personal care and social work in coherence with the ECVET framework, and on the testing and development of relevant tools for a steady application of ECVET principles and specifications. The main objectives of the project can be summarised as follows:

  • Adaptation of vocational qualifications (Regional Framework for Professional Profiles of Regione Lombardia – QRSP) and their description in terms of learning outcomes units in order to make them comply with the ECVET technical specifications

  • Development and application of a suitable methodology for assigning and applying ECVET points to the selected vocational qualifications in the personal care and social work field

  • Adoption and development of a suitable common methodology for evaluating learning outcomes (including Validation of Prior Learning acquired in non formal and informal contexts)

  • Adoption, development and testing of a learning outcome transfer process among partner countries including evaluation, validation, accumulation and recognition of learning outcomes for the purpose of awarding qualifications, whatever the learning context (formal, non-formal and informal)

  • Establishment of a stable consortium among partner institutions and definition of a joint work programme for the application of the learning outcomes transfer model

The achievement of the above-mentioned objectives is essential for reaching the following aims:
  • To facilitate recognition of competences gained in other contexts (countries, institutions or systems) and learning settings (formal, non-formal, or informal ways of learning) for personal care and social workers travelling across Europe

  • To facilitate lifelong learning paths development in the personal care sector by adopting and developing tools and methodologies for the evaluation, transfer, validation and recognition of learning outcomes, as well as transition mechanisms from one qualification to another

  • To facilitate labour market integration and mobility for people willing to work (with a recognised qualification) in the personal care and social work sector throughout Europe