The idea underpinning the ICARE project is that a high number of personal care and social workers are currently mobile across Europe, but the recognition of their competences, gained in other contexts (countries, institutions or systems) and learning settings (formal, non-formal, or informal ways of learning), is hardly achievable as no specific or equivalent qualifications exist in different European countries.

The lack of common frameworks for the evaluation, transfer, validation and recognition of learning outcomes and the rarity of related flexible training solutions still delays a full labour market integration, the development of human capital and the increase of mobility.

Apart from those regulated professions for which a specific recognition framework already exists (
2005/36/EC), an experimental application of the ECVET system for the establishment of a recognition model in the field of personal care is the core of the I-Care project, which intends to establish a mutual trust area among partner countries (Italy, Germany, Poland, and Romania) and to further develop mutual recognition of training paths and qualifications.