is an initiative launched for the development of  self-governmental institutions, associations and foundations operating  in the area of social assistance.
Activities of the SIC! focus on the development of local communities in Greater Poland.
The work is supported by various tools and expertise to diagnose the issues and create solutions for the community as well as local and national statutory bodies. The foundation provides diagnostic tools, moderates meetings and support implementation process. 
The SIC! initiates and promotes citizens’ involvement in  local communities as well as stimulates cooperation in dealing with  social problems by means of modern methods of social work. It provides assistance and support for individuals and groups with various issues that affect their daily life by: professional vocational guidance, improving social abilities and development of  interpersonal skills, support in the development of the present career, psychological and legal assistance.  The work supports intergenerational communication and integration by enabling individuals to participate in various social activities, festivals and workshops that encourage dialogue, promote social inclusion and tolerance.                          
As part of the mission SIC! foundation conducts or acts as partner and consultant in  various range of research related to community issues and citizens ‘involvement to influence local structures and policy makers ‘decisions:

  • MATRA SIC! Modernising social work in Poland. International cooperation with Dutch partner.

  • DAPHNE II; In searching for procedures and tools to tackle issues affecting children.  Project implemented in Poland, Great Britain and Holland and coordinated by Poznan’s City Council.

  • Social Case, homeless children – what next? Diagnose of the Poznan’s children that are affected by the issue to increase positive impact on programmes that support local children and families in reducing domestic violence.

  • The relation: SENIOR – HEALTH CARE; a qualitative and quantitative research on the condition of Heath Care.

  • The Social Project 2012. Monitoring the social aspect of EURO 2012’s preparations and processes of providing information and holding public consultation in PoznaƄ. Partners: The Institute of Social Science, Warsaw University.

Marlena Musialek