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is the not for profit foundation of Éupolis Lombardia, the Regional Institute for Research, Statistics and Training of Public Administration. In accordance with its public mission and strong bonds to the institutional governance of the Lombardy Region, CEFASS aims at providing applied research, training and consultancy in the fields of social affairs, employment, education, vocational training and public health care, benchmark analysis and the dissemination of innovative practices resulting from the Lombardy governance model at the European and national level.
As far as VET is concerned, CEFASS is in charge of implementing new instruments for the improvement of education and vocational training systems, both in the public and private sectors: delivery of pilot projects such as personalised training tools, adult education programmes, e-Learning, transnational learning and continuous quality management as part of the European Qualification Framework (EQF).

Michela Vecchia
Giulia Mallone