> ECVET in the Healthcare Sector

The ICARE Project was presented within the framework of the thematic monitoring ‘
ECVET in the Healthcare Sector’ in Germany. The German national coordination office offers in 2014 a thematic monitoring, which can be used  by stakeholders in the health-care education sector as a platform to exchange experiences, as well as for the discussion of specific issues with external experts on the implementation of ECVET. The first session will took place on the 20th of February 2014. The VHS Cham has been invited to present the ICARE Project as an example of implementation of ECVET in the healthcare sector.
Info: www.ecvet-info.de

> Joint conference of ECVET Pilot Projects, ECVET Experts and NetECVET Project
A joint conference on ECVET activities was organised by the European Commission and EACEA in Brussels on the 24th and 25th of October 2013. The conference focused on the three activities designed to support the national implementation and dissemination of ECVET:

  • The results of NetECVET – a network project of national agencies aiming to develop a toolbox for using ECVET for mobility

The event gathered 300 participants (ECVET practitioners and experts, decision makers, VET providers, …) from different EU countries. To know more about the conference and its contents, please follow this link.

> ECVET Forum
4th Annual ECVET Forum took place on the 13th and 14th of June 2013 in Prague. Government representatives, social partners, representatives of the business world, experts from VET and higher education, Lifelong Learning Programme national agencies, experts on the European tools, practitioners and newcomers met and discussed how to go forward and deepen the community of practice.

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> ICARE Final Conference

ICARE Final Conference was held in Bergamo (IT) on the 21st of March 2013 in Papa Giovanni XXIII Conference Centre from 9.30 am until 4 pm.
During the event, all project partners, experts in the field of ECVET and vocational training, local authorities and practitioners discussed project achievements and possible applications of the model in the field of VET and labour market services.

> Programme&Documents - PhotoGallery

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> ICARE National Workshops

The project organised a series of national workshops aimed at sharing ideas with stakeholders and build a steady network and mutual trust with them. The goal was the one to make interaction between the project consortium and relevant stakeholders/potential end-users possible thus ensuring an effective exploitation of project results and guaranteeing sustainability to project achievements beyond project lifetime.

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> ICARE Video Shooting
On the 15th of January 2013, IFC GHK was in Bergamo for shooting a video focusing on ICARE project activities, aims and achieved results. The video will be part of the videos to be produced by the EACEA and the European Commission for disseminating the ECVET concept across Europe

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> NetECVET Seminar
29-30 October 2012 - Rome (IT)

The ICARE project was invited to attend the workshop ‘Definition and description of (units) of learning outcomes’, held in Rome on October, 29-30, which is part of the activities of the thematic networking group funded by the EU and implemented by 15 Leonardo National Agencies. A series of international seminars are being held in 2012 to facilitate the exchange between ECVET projects, mobility practitioners and stakeholders. After having been invited to participate in the Paris seminar (March 2012), the ICARE staff was invited to participate in the meeting in order to contribute to discussion.

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> ECVET PILOT PROJECTS - Second Generation
Seminar: ‘Approaches to the Assessment of Units of Learning Outcomes’
22-23 October 2012 - Berlin (DE)

The focus of the third seminar of ECVET Pilot Projects Second Generation was on ECVET implementation across Europe and on ECVET-related documentation in the context of lifelong learning. Erik Hess from DG EAC and Didier Gelibert from ECVET Team provided an in depth description of the policy agenda relating to ECVET implementation and enhancement.
The discussion among projects was mainly based on achievements, documentation developed (with particular regard to the Memorandum of Understanding), and plans for making project results used in the respective countries.

18-19 October 2012 - Cham (DE)

The fourth ICARE Consortium Meeting was an opportunity for project partners to discussed the first results of the testing phase, and to settle the agenda of activities for the remaining months (project activities will be finalised on March 2013). Particular attention was paid to the final phase of pilot tests involving workers and practitioners in each participating country. The piloting phase was initiated in Italy and will be then extended to partner countries

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