WP1 - Management
WP2 - Inception Phase
WP3 -
ECVET Application
WP4 -
Transfer Model
WP5 -
WP6 -
WP7 - Exploitation

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Exploitation means literally ‘the act of employing to the greatest possible advantage. In order to take full advantage of project results, a set of actions were implemented in order to make them sustainable beyond project lifetime and project consortium.

The main activities undertaken within the framework of this work package were the following:

  • Signature of a Memorandum of Understanding among VET providers in all participating countries

  • Application of the model by VET providers involved in the project in partner countries

  • Agreement with public employment services for the testing/application of the model for those job seekers having a previous professional experience in the field

  • Exploitation of already existing networks in the specific field in order to enlarge the mutual trust area

  • Drafting of recommendations targeted to policy and decision makers

  • Exploitation activities favouring the creation of a mutual trust area able to apply and make the newly developed model used by all those actors who have a role in providing training, recognising competences acquired in formal, non formal and informal contexts, providing services related to job insertion

  • Recommendations for Policy Decision Makers at the regional and national level

Lead partners: