WP1 - Management
WP2 - Inception Phase
WP3 -
ECVET Application
WP4 -
Transfer Model
WP5 -
WP6 - Dissemination
WP7 -
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The aim of this work package was to define and to put in place an effective valorisation strategy based on a direct and active involvement of end-users and on a far-reaching dissemination of project outcomes/results.

The activities included within this work package were the following:

  • Development of a dedicated web platform with a twofold aim. On one hand, to provide partners with a working/communication/exchange tool to be used as a supporting mechanism during project implementation. On the other hand, as a tool for informing a wide public on the developments/achievements of the project

  • Awareness raising activities aimed at involving any actor having a stake in project development and model validation

  • Publication of a dedicated project newsletter targetted at relevant stakeholders in the field

  • Organisation of one seminar/workshop in each participating country

  • Organisation of a final event aiming at presenting the ECVET sectoral model developed during project lifetime and its applicability in the specific sector; at enhancing networking and mutual trust initiatives; to launch co-operation agreements

Lead partner: CEFASS