WP1 - Management
WP2 - Inception Phase
WP3 -
ECVET Application
WP4 -
Transfer Model
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The aim of this work package was twofold: it firstly aimed at providing an overview of the state-of-the-art in participating country in relation to the qualification framework in the specific sector (personal care and social work) in terms of existing professional profiles and their structure in relation to learning outcomes. Secondly, it aimed at identifying a common methodological approach for establishing a common reference framework linked to ECVET.

Activities undertaken were divided in the following steps:

  • Analysis of the state-of-the-art of the sectoral qualification system already applied in the Lombardy Region and in partner countries, with a particular focus on ECVET specifications

  • Identification of commonalities and differences between the identified professional profiles in Lombardy Region and those existing in partner countries

  • Review and assessment of existing methodological approaches for the application of ECVET specifications to vocational qualifications

  • Assessment of transparency of the identified qualifications, and identification of the most suitable methodological approach


  1. A brief description of the methodological approach to be applied in the development of the I CARE project

  2. A list of common learning units/outcomes or competences for each selected profile

  3. Critical aspects to be tackled in order to improve transparency among different qualification systems

Lead partner: Fondazione IKAROS