WP1 - Management
WP2 - Inception Phase
WP3 -
ECVET Application
WP4 -
Transfer Model
WP5 -
WP6 -
WP7 -
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The aim of this work package was to ensure that all activities are carried out timely, in accordance with the work programme and available resources, problems were solved promptly and successfully and all reports (including financial ones) were prepared within their time schedule.

The main activities foreseen focused on the overall project management and co-ordination as well on the governance of the consortium. Communication and management tools were developed and shared with project partners in order to establish a cooperative working environment. Regular monitoring of project activities were carried out by the project co-ordinator, while an external evaluator was appointed in order to have an external and critical eye helping the consortium.

The lead partner provided partners with a Project Management Package Tool and were responsible for the delivery of consortium meeting minutes and for interim and final reporting.

Lead partner: